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A Local Heating Contractor Explains

If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home, it is crucial that you make some changes to your attic. Otherwise, even if you take steps to save energy in the rest of your home, it will not have the desired effect. A local heating contractor recommends that you do the following to your attic:

Air Sealing. An attic that is not air-sealed will allow air to escape to the outside or infiltrate into the attic. In the winter, such an attic will draw conditioned air up from the other rooms in the house, thus making the heat pump or furnace work more intensely to compensate that effect. In the summer, the hot air will move into the unsealed attic and will most probably damage the insulation. Together with the natural heating of the roof, this may cause the temperature of the attic to go over 150 degrees. Eventually, this heat will reach the premises below.

Insulation. This will help slow down the thermal energy transfer between inside and outside, and very importantly, between the living spaces and the attic. This way, the heat will stay in your home in the winter and in the attic in the winter.

Ventilation. The attic should allow adequate exchange of inside air and fresh outside air. This can happen with the help of venting or mechanical ventilation provided by an attic fan. This will prevent the premise from getting too cold or too hot. It will also keep moisture from developing and damaging the insulation and fixtures. Ventilation will work together with insulation to stop ice dams from forming.

For more useful information on energy efficiency, as well as tips and services regarding all HVAC issues, consult a good local heating contractor such as Keith Brown's Heating & Air Conditioning. Our company is based in Gastonia, NC, and you can find us at (704) 864-6024.

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